Shia Labeouf/Craig McDean (Interview)

Britney Spears | By: James WhiteESQUIRE | NOV 2003 

“The point of demons is not to silence them. Silencing something does not make it go away, and nothing stays quiet forever. You must sprint, head first into your demons, look them straight in the eye, and say “I am the captain now.” The point is to tell them who is boss. When you have thrived in and conquered your darkness, and the parts of yourself that you keep secret, you allow the light to radiate from your finger tips and blast the self loathing and desperation they inflict on your soul. You turn your demons into your lessons, you ace those suckers, and you live your life like the boss ass bitch that you are.”

'Inspirational thoughts from my assistant Katie (today's her birthday)' - Britney Spears  (via owls-love-tea)


Rihanna at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in LA.


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Shia LaBeouf for Interview Magazine